Sponsoring Apprentices


Our community has a growing number of youth that are not equipped to deal with the real world. The Umpqua Valley Bicycle Outreach (UVBO) brings youth on who are ready and willing to grow. By discovering their stories, habits, as well as goals, we create their plan of action with them. Then we walk alongside each youth for a season, meeting them where they are at, and empowering/encouraging them to grow up. If all goes as planned, each youth will have a local mentor who takes the baton upon graduation from UVBO as their personal life coach/friend into adulthood.

Like us, youth need money to survive and enjoy life. Just like I am not able to work for free, our local kids are not going to show up to "work" for free. This is the reason we are asking local individuals and business' to sponsor our apprentices' paychecks. When you do, local youth will stick around & grow in their life and career readiness skills.

We, or an apprentice will be in touch with you. Please fill out the appropriate form below. To make a commitment/pledge to give at a later time, please hit the appropriate button. To give to the fund now, go ahead and click "Sponsor those apprentices."


Thanks for working with us to empower local youth.

Please make a note that this donation is for sponsoring apprentices

If you make a pledge, we will reach out to you in the coming days/weeks.

Checks may be sent to:
P.O. Box 992
Roseburg OR, 97470
Memo = UVBO Sponsor


total needed = $75,000

$50,000 of which is to be raised by/in our community.
The remaining $25,000 will be via a Ford Family grant.

Raise $25,000
by June 30

Raise  $50,000
by July 30th

Raise $75,000
by Aug 30th

Numbers are subject to change as we learn specifics. These numbers are our best estimates to hire 4 paid youth. Additional youth will be interns.

What do youth learn during a season as an apprentice?

Life skills/habits
such as:
- nutrition (healthy eating)
-physical health
- transportation by bike
- Money management
- Proper Hygiene
- other essential skills (like laundry+)

-team work
and more.

Career readiness skills/habits such as:
- showing up on time
-staying all day
-completing tasks
- marketing
-inventory management
- customer communication / service
-bike repair
and more.