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Your business helps sustain our outreach and prepares youth for the real world at the same time.


Filling out the General Service Request allows our youth to get your repair in line and hopefully meet your cycling needs.

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Discounted services can be requested for/through local non-profits. 

We love coaching youth in the trade of bicycle repair. What is just as exciting is showing them what they have been created for. Giving back! This is why we serve our local community. From providing kids or adults with discounted repairs/bikes, assisting young adults to earn their own wheels, or partnering in community events, you can count on us to help if we are able.

We get to loan out this 16 inch Strider



Bikes are AWESOME! They can help us save money & time. They can help us take needed steps in health goals. But maybe you just have a youngster that really wants one. If either scenario fits, and finances are truly tight, let us know. We do require 2 references per request. You will be contacted and served by our youth, and must be patient with them in this entire process. Failure to do so will terminate your request.  We usually ask for (not require) a picture of you with your new bike to help show our young mechanics the impact they are making.

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Do you have a bike that is falling apart? Or maybe you just have a single problem that you can't solve. We want to help you get back on your bike. If you have the funds, please go to your local bike shop. If not, go ahead & request a repair. Our youth will go over your repair with you at one of our sites, and fix it for as discounted as possible. You are agreeing to be patient in the learning process. This does not mean repairs will be totally free. Quotes will be given prior to service. You will need to provide references and schedule this repair. Loaner bikes are available for overnight repairs.



If you are in need of a bike, and between 12 & 25 yrs old, we want to help you earn one. In this process we provide the parts, but you put in the sweat and hours. When you ride off on your own bike you will have a general idea of how to maintain it, and feel that sense of pride. Most bikes take more then 1 day to earn, so plan on this taking 2-3 days. You must complete an entire overhaul before you can ride it home.

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Request support

There are many great events in our County, and if you think we should help make one special, let us know. We prefer to do repairs at local facilities to assist our communities struggling. Feel free to request a visit from our mobile unit. It doesn't hurt just to ask. Thanks for thinking of us!