We offer a variety of riding opportunities for 12-24yr olds.

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For High School

One great thing that the Umpqua Valley and all of Oregon has to offer is great road biking. When we say road biking we mainly mean riding on the roads. Sometimes we start in town, and make a big loop through the back country. In 2018 we did the Tour de Fronds, which offers a beautiful route, capable of a journey over 100 miles long. We hope to offer a multi-day tour in the coming years as well, so stick around. If you want to join us please reach out.

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For Middle & High School

If bumpy, windy, and challenging terrain with a mixture of dirt in your teeth and burning quads sounds like fun you may want to try Cross Country Mountain Biking with us. We try to head out into the woods every so often to unleash the animal inside of some of us. And then there are others of us that just need to be around nature and enjoy creation. So let us know your interested, and lets get out on some single track.



For Middle & High School

In 2018 the National Interscholastic Cycling Association started the Oregon League. They believe in Strong Mind, Body, and Character. We joined along with that movement to get " #morekidsonbikes " and have appreciated the opportunity to bring racing to the Umpqua Valley. Get inspired by checking out this video. And girls, here is a special video for you. If you like what you see, consider joining our team of young racers.

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For Middle & High School

Jumping on a bike for the first time in a long time can be intimidating. Our current fitness level also shouldn't keep us from pedaling. We hope to start an Indoor Cycling class for youth in the Umpqua Valley soon. So keep an eye out!