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If you would like to help us invest into local youth through our programs, you can do that by purchasing a raffle ticket or 20. The winner of our 2019 50/50 raffle could win up to $2500 to spend at either Waldrons Outdoor Sports (raffle # 1) or Canyon Creek Bicycles (raffle # 2).

Every dollar we get usually goes to fund a current project, all which allows us to better serve our community and empower youth through our bicycle work experience and ride programs. BUT THIS YEAR ALL of our profits from this raffle will go to support our local mountain bike team LUMBR COMPOSITE.

Jaco Coetzee (UVBO Founder)


All ticket sale proceeds are going towards our local youth mountain bike team.

Have you ever wanted to play a sport, but couldn't get past the cost of team dues or other fees? With every ticket you buy, you will help cover the expenses of local youth to be able to join this team.


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Drawing is Dec 11th at 12:00pm local time.

We will be drawing the winning ticket via our Facebook page LIVE. We are selling up to 3,000 tickets at $2 each for each raffle.


Drawing date: December 7th @ noon

Location of drawing:


Benfiting & Hosted by:

Umpqua Valley Bicycle Outreach

Tickets cost:

  $2 each.

Waldrons Outdoor Sports (Raffle # 1)

Up to 3000 tickets will be sold for the Waldron's Outdoor Sports 50/50Raffle.

Canyon Creek Bicycles (Raffle # 2):

 Up to 3000 tickets will be sold for the Canyon Creek 50/50 Raffle.

Full Raffle Description:

2019's raffles (two almost identical raffles total) hope to support our Bicycle Outreach as well as our local partners, namely Waldron's Outdoor Sports & Canyon Creek Bicycles.

There will be two drawing on Dec 7th at noon. The winner of the raffle will be able spend their winnings at the partnering store at full price.

Raffle # 1 winner will have their winnings paid to Waldrons Outdoor Sports, and they may spend those monies in store only.

U.V.B.O will  also be selling tickets out of it's mobile bike service shop for either the Waldron's or Canyon Creek Raffle. Details will be available on site.

All processing fees on credit card sales will be taken off of the top of proceeds generated by the raffle ticket sales. The winning will then be split 50/50. 50% to Umpqua Valley Bicycle Outreach, and 50% of the raffle to the appropriate store for the winner to spend at the store.