What are we working on right now?


In 2018 we partnered with Rose School, a new alternative school within the Roseburg School District. We have started out by providing a Small Business Bike Shop Work Experience where youth are being trained in several areas of business ownership. Upon completion of this multi-year program, youth will have competency in what it means to start and maintain a small business, as well as how to repair bicycles. Check out the Facebook page they are running.


It all started at Casa De Belen in 2013 with random visits. Soon we began to fix bikes and go on rides with kids. Then in 2016 UVBO was born on the loading dock down stairs. Now we are preparing to provide all that we do in Rose Schools work experience to local residents of Casa De Belen through a used bike shop/kitchen. Summer of 2019 we will be opening 1 day a week to the public, offering our youth a real shop to work out of. We enjoy giving those living there as much ownership as possible, under our guidance.


Glendale is a small town in Douglas County of 1,000. Youth there don't have much to do. We partnered with Azalea Glen Community Church and their Destiny Center in the summer of 2018, and hope to return to try again in the future with the communities assistance. Our desire is to set up a small repair spot for kids to use, and to see the local community take ownership to get a bike ride or repair program going. Local youth from Roseburg were assisting this outreach as a part of their Work Experience. If you are in the Glendale area and can invest time and energy to see this come to be please contact us. We will help make this happen.

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